three women - a thousand baskets - One Journey toward  prosperity

From zimbabwe to santa fe

Zimbabwean villagers, Matron, Gogo and Sindiso take us along for the ride in the documentary “From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe” when they set off to sell their baskets at the world’s largest folk art market, held one weekend a year in Santa Fe, New Mexico. These uniquely appealing heroines stretch beyond their personal and cultural boundaries as they reach for a better life. Their creativity, persistence and humor in the face of the unexpected twists and turns along the road, inspire us to rethink our own notions of sustainability, success and prosperity. 



While producing the documentary film, FROM ZIMBABWE TO SANTA FE, we shot 200 hours of film over 2 1/2 years; intriguing village discussions about a variety of topics, art festivals, community celebrations filled with song and dance, farm life and fascinating cultural tidbits as our Zimbabwean folk artists journeyed toward the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market .  From this rich collection of cultural documentation, we created web-based episodes we call ZIMISODES. A  ZIMISODE is a short vignette that takes us deeper into the daily lives of FROM ZIM’S heroines and their communities. 

Basketmakers’ children go to school

Matron & the Chief 

Film trailer

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“From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe,” a 75-minute documentary, follows the basket makers of Masendu and Siansundu, Zimbabwe, as the prepare for the Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, NM, USA. Cristina McCandless and her crew were given unprecedented access to the communities to film the story of their basketmakers as they try to take advantage of the Folk Art Market opportunity. .

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From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe