From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe, a documentary
From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe, logo, a documentary film

Trailer: From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe


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While producing FROM ZIMBABWE TO SANTA FE, we shot 108 hours of video over 2 1/2 years; intriguing village discussions about a variety of topics, art festivals, community celebrations filled with song and dance, farm life and fascinating cultural tidbits.  From this rich collection of cultural documentation, we are creating web-based episodes we call ZIMISODES. A  ZIMISODE is a short video vignette that takes us deeper into the daily lives of FROM ZIM’S heroines and their communities. 

Basketmakers’ children go to school

Matron & the Chief

Thoughts of cast and crew

FROM ZIM’s extended crew shares juicy morsels about local village and tribal culture.

Amadlozi (The Ancestors)