From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe, a feature documentary by Cristina McCandless
From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe, logo, a documentary film

Heeten Bhagat

C0-Producer & Cinematographer, Zimbabwe

Heeten Bhagat, co-producer & Cinematographer: "From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe"I am a second generation Zimbabwean, born at the beginning of the end of the Rhodesian era. I grew up during the liberation war, a bloody and horrific civil war that eventually saw the birth of Zimbabwe. My teenage years corresponded with the glory days of a new and shiny Zimbabwe. Two decades later we crashed.

My objective as a creative professional is to investigate and realize the pedagogical potential of the visual arts. With an initial training in design, I have developed the skills to examine and re-interpret the world around us and find new and original ways to document creative processes for current and future generations of artists.

In recent years I have become involved in the education sector, conceptualizing projects that aim to help locate and then develop the innate creativity of youth.

In recognition of this work, I was awarded a Chevening Scholarship by the British Council and British Embassy, Zimbabwe to pursue a Post Graduate Degree in Audio Visual Production at London Metropolitan University. This has been completed and awarded an overall distinction.

On my return to Zimbabwe, I served, for a short time, as Curator of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, an experience that afforded exposure to a much larger section of people in the arts. Presently, I consult for several creative organizations and continue my education work as a visiting lecturer at several universities and polytechnics, locally and abroad and at the same time maintaining an active schedule of making films. The interdisciplinarity of my experience, I feel, has afforded an eclectic and significant development of skills that prove useful and valuable to any project.

Recent Filmography:

La Nuit: Director/Editor [in production]
Experimental film exploring violation and destruction in the face of celebration of nationhood. Shot in Lubumbashi, D.R. Congo, the film will be premiered at the PICHA 2010 festival in honour of centenary celebration of Lubumbashi. Story by Fiston Nasser Mwanza Mujila.

From Zimbabwe to Santa Fe: Co-Producer/Cinematographer [in production]
The adventures of three rural Zimbabwean women, who, while struggling to improve their circumstances,naively venture outside Zimbabwe to sell their traditional folk art

Peace Beyond Justice: Cinematographer/Editor 2007/08
A Feature film documentary, commissioned by The Institute of Justice and Reconciliation in association with The Gacaca Commission, exploring the system of Gacaca in Rwanda. The film looks at the value of local solutions and interventions in the face of such incredible and traumatic actions of the genocide.

I am the rape: Producer/Director/Editor 2006/07
Educational film developed with a facilitation guide and supporting thesis. An adaptation/interpretation of the work of Zimbabwean author, Dambudzo Marechera, for a university and high school syllabus.